2013 Assignments

All assignments are to be done in groups. Each assignment's group will be different, and groups will be assigned for maximum diversity unless students specifically request otherwise.  See the Syllabus details on the grading policies. 

Details will be filled in as we go.
  • Assignment #0: 1/4  Fill out a survey about yourself   Results: TBD
  • Assignment #1: 1/28  Get someone to take a green action
  • Assignment #2: 2/11   Visualize some data and create an environmental mashup
  • Assignment #3: 2/25  Create a product or service that over-uses resources [irony allowed :)]
  • Assignment #4: 3/6     Machine Learning related assignment
  • Assignment #5: 3/20  Design for 2032 
  • Readings: Reading questions are assigned for each class. After answering them, you will be asked to peer-evaluate two sample answers (anonymously) from you or other classmates.
  • Final Project:
    • Promise, Obstacle, Solutions, Risks & Timeline for next discussion
    • Presentations: 8:30-11:30 Monday May 13th, GHC 4301
    • Each group will have 20 minutes to present, followed by questions and answers. 
    • Other Handins:
      • Please send me your slides
      • Post to the ETS class Accomplishments "blog" with a  writeup including at least two images of what you did
      • Hand in a more complete write up that you can create as a group with detailed information about what you created (think of this as the appendix to your presentation and blog post, it's the place you can have your wireframes, describe the user centered work you did and so on. This is how you show me that this was a deeper and longer project than the previous assignments.)
      • Hand in an individual writeup that states
        • Why do you think it worked or did not work?
        • What other approaches did you consider? If you had other ideas, this is your chance to explain it.
        • What would you do differently the next time?