2013 Lectures

Mon January 14th 
  • Assignments:
  • Topics:
    • Introduction to the class; Speed dating: Get to know each other 
    • Society: Human Behavior and the Environment. 
    • Environment: Environmental Impact (Footprint)
  • Readings
    • The Design of Eco-Feedback Technology. 
    • Design Principles for Carbon Emissions Reduction Programs
    • The Social Dynamics of Environmental Degradation (Agency, Democracy and Nature, Ch. 3)
  • Optional Readings: 
    • Using Peer Pressure as a Tool to Promote Greener Choices
    • Wackernagel & Rees: Our Ecological Footprint
Wed January 16th 
  • TopicSociety: Moving the focus beyond individual behavior change
  • Readings:
    • Mankoff: Interactions Article

    • Knowing the Environment (The Environment: A sociological Introduction, Ch. 2)
    • A Global Environment (The Environment: A sociological Introduction, Ch. 9)

  • Optional Readings:
    • Sustainably Unpersuaded:How Persuasion Narrows Our Vision of Sustainability
    • HCI and Environmental Sustainability: The Politics of Design and the Design of Politics
Mon January 21st [no class: MLK Day]

Wed January 23rd 
  • TopicSociety: Class discussion of alternative focii options [can relate to your project plans or individual essay plans]
  • Readings:

    • Environmental Politics (Brulle) 
  • Optional Readings
    • Agency, Democracy and Nature (Agency, Democracy and Nature, Ch. 11)
Mon January 28th 
Wed January 30th
  • Getting Data: Discussion of data sets and Assignment #2; Working class (bring your laptops)
Mon Feb 4 
  • TopicTechnology: Introduction to Information Visualization. 
  • Readings: Visual Thinking for Design (Ch. 9: The Dance of Meaning) by Colin Ware
  • Optional Readings: 
    • Visual Thinking for Design (Ch. 1: Visual Queries) by Colin Ware
    • Beautiful Evidence: The Fundamental Principles of Analytic Design (Tufte)
  • [in class exercise: visualization task]
Wed Feb 6
  • Topic: In class work
Mon Feb 11
  • TopicEnvironment: Life Cycle Assessment 
  • Readings: LCA 101: Introduction to LCA Chapters 1 & 2 (12 pages)
  • Optional Readings: 
    • LCA 101: Remainder 
    • Energy Implications of Bottled Water (Gleick & Cooley)
    • Food Miles and Relative Impact of Food Choices in the US (Weber & Matthews)
Wed Feb 13
Mon Feb 18
    Wed Feb 20  
    • Guest Lecture (Smith): Topic: Environment: Traffic [canceled]
    Mon Feb 25
    • Assignments:
      • Due: Assignment 3
      • Handout of Assignment #4: Information Analysis
    • TopicCritique of Assignment #3
    Wed Feb 27
    • Topic: Technology: Rapid Introduction to Machine Learning with Weka 
    • Readings: None
    • [in class exercise: Bring your laptops with Weka installed!]
    Mon Mar 4
    • Topic: People: Digging into Potential Futures
    • ReadingLooking Past Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Using Futures Studies Methods to Extend the Research Horizon (Mankoff Rode & Faste)
    Wed Mar 6
    • Assignments:
      • Handout of Assignment #5: Time Machine
    • TopicWorking class for Assignment #4
    Mon Mar 11 NO CLASS [spring break] / Assignment 4 Due
    Wed Mar 13 NO CLASS [spring break]

    Mon Mar 18 
    Wed Mar 20
    • Topic: Environment: Opposing Views on trends
    • Readings: Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided? Ehrlich & Ehrlich;
      Have increases in population, affluence and technology worsened human and environmental well-being? Goklany
    • Planning for Final Project (individual meetings with groups)
    Mon Mar 25
    • Assignments: Due: Final Project Proposals 
    • Topic: Proposal Discussions (individual meetings with groups)

    Wed Mar 27 
    • Guest Lecture: Smith on Traffic
    Mon Apr 1  
    • Assignments:
      • Due: Assignment 5
      • Handout of Assignment #6: Final Project
    • Topic: Critique of Assignment #5
    Wed Apr 3
    Mon Apr 8
    • Topic: Group project discussion/Meetings
    Wed Apr 10
    • Topic: Society: Environmental Activism vs Environmental Action
    • Readings
    Mon Apr 15
    • Topic: Group project discussion/Meetings
    Wed Apr 17
    • Topic: Citizen Science
    • Readings: Citizen Science: Enabling participatory urbanism by Eric Paulos; Optional: Street Science by Jason Corburn 
    Mon Apr 22 
    • Topic: Group project discussion/Meetings
    Wed Apr 24
    • Topic: Food: Urban Farming & Technology
    • Readings: TBD
    Mon Apr 29
    • Topic: Guest Lecture: Social commentary through Environmental Art. 
    Wed May 1
    • No class: CHI & Work on Final Project