What are the learning goals for this class? 
The learning goals for the class are:
  • Moving beyond a focus on individuals
  • Empowering you to do concrete, impactful work
  • Exploring the value of data in sustainability
  • Exploring the value of computation in sustainability
  • Critical thinking about sustainability work
The learning goals for each assignment are specified where we state what to hand in. 

What is the attendance policy for class?
Attendance is required and will be noted. This is because the class is discussion oriented and the material cannot easily be made up outside of class. If you need to miss class for some reason, and wish to be excused, you must contact the instructor ahead of time and receive approval. 

What are the textbooks for this class?
There are no required textbooks, but there are assigned readings each class. These are specified in the syllabus and available on blackboard. 

How are assignments handed in? 
Three things are due for each assignment: (1) There will be an in-class critique where you present your work (2) You will post an image and a summary of your work to a blog, following instructions available on Blackboard (3) You will always have to turn in one or more pages of written work individually reflecting on the assignment in some way. 

How am I graded? 
  • The group work will be graded based on the blog post and your in-class presentation. All feedback will be provided in class during the critique. Individual reflections will be graded offline, and may or may not be handed back to you depending on the subject matter of your reflection. 
  • Reading questions will be peer-graded according to the following criteria: 
    • Interesting: Is the response interesting and easy to read?
    • Does the response provide new insights beyond what is available in the reading?
    • Evidence: Does the response include identification of supporting evidence?
    • Spelling and Grammar: Was the response proofread carefully? Was it free of significant grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors?
    • Does the submission meet the word count recommendation?
  • Please pay attention to grammar, spelling, and so on in your blog posts. You may lose up to 25% of your grade for sloppy writing.
  • Plagiarism of any kind is not allowed (including self plagiarism). If you quote or borrow ideas from other material, you should always reference this. 
  • Late work will lose 25% per day (4 days late means a grade of 0).