Indoor Gardening

To construct the mini-greenhouses attendees were instructed to cut the bottles in half, poke holes in the bottom of the bottle, fill the bottom with soil, wet the dirt with water, place seeds into it, and finally place the top half of the bottle onto the bottom half, serving as a lid.  Construction of the self-watering planters was similar, however the holes were poked into the top of the bottle and the top was inverted and placed into the bottom of the bottle.  Soil and seeds for the self-watering planter were placed into the inverted top of the bottle.

We conducted a survey to find out how participants enjoyed the workshop and the facebook application.  The results showed that most had heard about the event through a facebook invitation.  Interestingly, most people expressed hesitation about the facebook application, preferring instead to use an emailing list or blog to continue receiving and sharing plant support.  All participants expressed excitement about their plants, planning on continuing to care for them.  One even emailed us a photograph of his seedling beginning to sprout, showing that we had successfully involved people in the process of gardening indoors.