2010 Assignments

All assignments are to be done in groups. Each weeks group will be different, and groups will be assigned randomly and for maximum diversity. The final assignment (the class project) will stretch over multiple weeks. 
  • 1/15 Assignment #0: Fill out this survey. Result: Who we are.
  • Entire class: Keep a journal (digital or paper is fine) exploring issues surrounding sustainability 
  • 1/15-1/22 Assignment #1: Get someone to take a green action
  • 1/22-1/29 Assignment #2Visualize some data
  • 1/29-2/5 Assignment #3: Create an environmental Mashup
  • Main Project:
    • By 2/5: Final project preparatory work
    • 2/5-2/12: Repeat something like Assignment 1 (or do anything else approved by the instructor). Use this as an opportunity to gather data for the next assigment
    • 2/12-2/19: Use data from last week, work on a visualization similar to Assignment 2 (or do anything else approved by the instructor).
    • 2/19-2/26: Using data from last week, work on a more interactive mashup similar to Assignment 3 (or do anything else approved by the instructor).
    • 2/26-2/5: Work on final presentation (either slides or PPT, tbd) and writeup for your project
    • 3/5: Time 10:00 - 12:50p: Project presentations
  • Final Deliverables (due 3/5)
    • Final Report
      • The final report should be no more than 10 pages (excluding any references) and should be formatted as follows:
      • Introduction: Provide a describe of the problem you are trying to solve and how your project aims to address the problem.  Why is it worthwhile?  What is the impact?
      • Background/Related Work:  Provide background of your project leading up to your project idea (i.e., what exists now?  what are their contributions?  how  could they be improved? How are you addressing the issue?)
      • Project Overview: What did you do?  What type of people were you targeting? Who responded?  Who didn't? What type of data was gathered and how? How did you use the data collected?  What does it tell you?
      • Conclusions & Future Directions:
        Critically discuss your project. Point out limitations in your work and talk about lessons that you have learned. Discuss opportunities for future work.
    • Individual Report
      • Write a single page reflecting on the experience of doing this project. Answer the following questions
        • What did you like or dislike about the final project in comparison to the 1 week assignments from the start of class?
        • What did you learn from doing this project?
        • When this course is taught next, what would you keep the same about the projects?
        • When this course is taught next, what would you change about the projects
    • Presentation and Poster
      • Presentations will take place from 10-11 on 2/5 in Newell Simon Hall 3305. Food will be provided
        • You will discuss your project to the class and invited guests.  The presentation should last about 10 minutes, with an additional 5 for discussion (~15 minutes total). The purpose of the final presentation is to have each team present their project overview and discuss the contributions made. You may choose whether to use slides or simply refer to your poster during your presentation. You may use this time to provide a demonstration/video of your project (if applicable).
      • Food and open viewing of posters will take place from 11-12 on 2/5
        • You should prepare a poster summarizing what was done in your project. The poster will be hung in the hallways of the HCII after the class is completed.
    • Journal Entry
      Turn in a single journal entry along with 1 page (at most) explaining why you selected this journal entry and what positive (or negative) things resulted from it, if any.
Tentative possible assignments:
         Pick an action. Work out an estimate of the impact of not doing that action. Explain your decision process and final answer.   Something to do with recycle mania?

Questions you may want to ask about any assignment:

  • what are the criteria for success?
  • why?
  • is this a draft or final, and how do the expectations differ?