Final Project

Preparatory Work

Meet as a group. Your goals/agenda for this meeting should be to set a weekly meeting time, define your project objective, plan for next week, and assign roles. Based on the groupwork slides, here is a suggested agenda for the meeting (assuming a 1.5 hour meeting). Be sure to email us the results of your meeting (an objective statement, your planned meeting time, plan for next week, and roles) by Friday. 
  • [5 minutes] Set a weekly meeting time 
  • Designate someone to take notes for the group.
  • [30 minutes  total] Define an objective for the project as a whole [Brainstorm 15 minutes (possibly use round robin methods). Form consensus in some fashion 15 minutes. If need be, at this point vote so that the meeting can continue]
  • [40 minutes total] Based on your objective, come up with a plan for the first week.  [Brainstorm 15 minutes about possible actions/audiences. Vote or otherwise for consensus (5 mins). Brainstorm further about deployment possibilities (15 minutes). Reach a final consensus on what action/audience you will target and how you will deploy in week 1 (5 minutes).
  • [5 minutes total] Assign roles (e.g. group leader, etc)