Get someone to complete a green action

Pick an energy saving action from the StepGreen website (or make your own up). 

Do or say something to convince one or more people to take that action sometime in the next week. Make sure it's an action they can (and do) complete before the week is out. Feel free to be creative. For example a well placed sign or an artistic installation of some kind might function as well as a personal appeal or an email campaign. 

You may not tell them that this is a class assignment or in any way bring the class into it. 

EACH PERSON in your group should write up a single page documenting what you did and what you learned from it. Some questions to answer: 
  • What action did you pick?
  • What did you do? Which person or people were you targeting?
  • Who responded? Who didn't?
  • Why do you think this worked or did not work?
  • What would you do differently the next time?