2010 Lectures

Each week is listed with lecture title, slides (if available) and date (which links to a page containing the details on the assigned readings and another link to the slides).

Lectures will be split into two parts: 1.5 hours will cover high level material with assigned readings. 1.5 hours will be tutorial or critique. Successful environmental action requires cross disciplinary work, and in that vein we have several guest lectures planned. Below is a list of confirmed guest lecturers. Titles are currently tentative. 

January 15 
January 22 
January 29
February 5
    • Theory: Guest lecture by Scott Matthews, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Tentative topic: The Economics of Environmental Actions [Reading: Weber; Blackhurst]
    • Practice:  Information Visualization [Reading: Tufte; Ware Ch. 9; optional: Ware Ch. 1 ]
    February 12
    • Theory: Guest lecture by Mark Gross, Architecture. Tentative topic: Instrumenting the Built Environment. No Readings
    • Practice: Sensors and Environmental Action (Sid Vowles, Chanhong Min, Mohit Singh) [Sensors for environmental sensing]
    February 19
    • Theory: Melissa Cicozi. [Reading].
    • Practice:  Sustainable Art/Design (Elise Walton)
    February 26
    March 1-4 Final presentations will be in this period (TBD)

    Jen Mankoff,
    Jan 23, 2010, 6:31 PM