Project Object

posted May 2, 2011, 4:56 PM by Korry Magann   [ updated May 2, 2011, 5:16 PM by Jen Mankoff ]

The goal of Project Object is to teach young people about the importance of recycling and inspire professors, students, and visitors to take action.

Focusing on a tangible site, we worked to clean up the CMU campus by collecting discarded objects on a weekly basis.

Using found objects and recyclable materials, we then created a teaching tree to aid in educating students at the Children’s School about recycling and ways to keep the Earth clean.

Every weekend for five weeks, we scoured the campus collecting discarded objects. Finding discarded items of all shapes, sizes, and materials, we saved items that could be recycled or reused and properly disposed the others.


Once we finished collecting items, we then used them to aid us in building a sculptural teaching tool for the Children’s School.Following in the spirit of Earth Day, we decided to create a tree that could house pots of reused disposed bottles containing wheat grass planted by the students. Upon the completion of the display, each student will be able to take their plant home and replant it.

Using the teaching tree, our efforts to clean the campus, and our knowledge of recycling, we prepared a lesson for the kindergarten class at the Children’s School.

In order to teach them about how recycling and reusing can be fun , we collaborated with the students to create Plantimals from recycled bottles we had collected. Each student was able to make their own Plantimal and given a few days to watch as the wheat grass grew. We also let the students decorate the teaching tree in order to reinforce our partnership on the project.


The final phase of Project Object was to display our work for everyone to see with the hope of

Inspiring them to take action

Working with Green Practices, we were able to put our project on display in the Green Room.

We also invited the students who helped us to come see the display and put their Plantimals up.


Ensuring tomorrow through taking action today 
                                                                            - Project Object