Project Sedna

posted Apr 1, 2011, 10:02 AM by Andrew Gillespie   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 10:30 AM by Jen Mankoff ]
DARPA and Carnegie Mellon present Project Sedna, an oversive tankership conversion project by  making use of "alternative energies."  Project Sedna is commited to using these facilities as a Trojan Horse "Welcome Wagon." On the surface of our vessel, feel free to explore the open fields of organically grown produce, and a geodesic greenhouse filled with exotic and hydroponically grown plant life.  Just below the deck, feel free to tour the world's largest mobile biofuel production facility.

Below the upper floors, there is an enormous facility where whales are converted into viable fuel. We are able to do this by seperating the oil from the body of the whale.

To keep up with our own demand, we have developed an on-board breeding program which produces genetically engineered super-species which mature at much more rapid rates allowing for a quicker turnaround for harvest. 
We utilize our algae farm to feed a farm of genetically modified krill, which are then fed to the young whales up above before these genetically modified organisms are released into the oceans to sustain and possibly breed with target populations. . After they reach full maturity, we recapture them and harvest the materials in the belly of the ship.