2011 Lectures

Each week is listed with lecture title, slides (if available) and date. Things in italics are still tentative.

Successful environmental action requires cross disciplinary work, and in that vein we have several guest lectures planned. These are currently tentative.

January 14
January 21
  • Practice: The StepGreen Website and the StepGreen API. Readings: What is XML?; get an account and try it out; the API docs
  • Introduction to Information Visualization. Readings: Tufte (available on blackboard). Resources:  http://infosthetics.com/ and ManyEyes
  • Theory: Introduction to Eco Art. Readings: A Rough Guide to Environmental Art (available on Blackboard). Optional: Going green with public art policy;  Coutere: Art For Earth’s Sake (available on Blackboard).
January 28
  • Critique of Assignment #1 [3 hours; timed]
  • Handout of Assignment #2: Create a visualization
February 4th [BRING YOUR LAPTOP]
  • [Required] Theory: Citizen Science by Eric Paulos (on Blackboard)
  • [Optional] Street Science by Jason Corburn (on Blackboard)
  • Practice: Web 2.0 and Mashups. [About Mashups; How to make them; ]
  • Make a mashup!!! 
February 11th
  • Critique of Assignment #2 [3 hours; timed]
  • Handout of Assignment #3: Create a mashup
February 18th
February 25th
  • Critique of Assignment #3 [3 hours; timed]
  • Handout of Assignment #4: Create something de-eco-structive
March 4th: Mid semester break
  • have selected your group for final project by today. 
  • initial abstract/proposal for final project due today

March 11th: Still mid semester break

March 18th: Canceled because of David Kelley Lecture
  • Final project proposal completed
March 25th
  • Critique of Assignment #4 [3 hours; timed]
April 1st
April 8th
  • One on one meetings
  • Bob Bingham Guest Lecture
April 15th
  • One on one meetings [no class due to carnival]
April 22nd
  • One on one meetings
April 29th
  • Final presentations [9-1]

Tentative lecture topics (1 per week) for 2nd half of class. Not confirmed:
[tentative: Monday, May 2nd] Remaining final presentations + poster session