Assignment #2: Visualize Some Data

Gather some information approved by the instructors and create a visual narrative from it. Show the result to at least three people and ask them about their impressions.

Feel free to be creative. 
  • You must use real data, approved by the instructors.
  • Your visualization could involve software, hardware, graphics, sculpture, performance, or any other grouping of skills you bring to the table
  • You should try to make your visualization interactive in some way. 

Approved data sets:

See the 2010 Assignment #2 page (bottom) for some examples of what 2010 students did.
Here are some links to the 2011 class assignment 2 results (the class included many artists, so most of the visualizations were not interactive, but visually quite nice): (1) The Top 10 (2) Composed Decomposition (3) Team Falling Fish (4) Workplace Reservoir 

For this project, you should:
  • Step one: By 3/14 5pm send three possible data sources to the instructor. Be ready to discuss in class on 3/15 if there are any issues
  • Step two: Create your visual narrative
  • Step three: Show it to at least three people and talk to them about it
  • Step four: Plan your presentation for the critique on 3/29
    • General overview of what you did
      • Be sure to talk about the data set you chose (and why)
      • Be sure to talk about the narrative you created and why chose your visualization 
      • Be sure to discuss how people responded to it
      • Walk us through your process
      • Anything else you think is really important
  • By 3/29 BEFORE class Post to the class blog with a brief writeup including at least one image of what you did. Your writeup should mention:
    • What you did and what you learned from it?
    • Why do you think it worked or did not work?
    • What other visualizations did you consider? If you had other ideas, this is your chance to explain it.
    • What would you do differently the next time?
  • Each individual in the project should fill out a short survey (to be provided) about how the group work went. This is also your opportunity to let me know if there were any difficulties in group interactions.