2012 Lectures

Each week is listed with lecture title, slides (if available) and date. Things in the future are tentative. Things in yellow are VERY tentative.

February 23rd
  • Assignment #0: Survey 
  • Speed dating
  • Handout of Assignment #1
  • Introduction to the class
  • What is Environmental Footprint/Environmental Impact? Reading: Wackernagel & Rees (on eDoz)
  • [activity+journal]
March 1st
March 8th
March 15th March 22nd
March 29th
April 5th
  • Life Cycle Assessment Readings: on eDOZ
  • Web 2.0 and Mashups. [About MashupsHow to make them; Example: Walkscore/Carbonscore]
  • [activity: Make a mashup!!! + journal]
April 12th: NO CLASS [ETH Easter Holiday]

April 19th
April 26th May 3rd
  • Social commentary through Environmental Art. Readings: A Rough Guide to Environmental Art (on eDOZ). Optional: Going green with public art policy;  Coutere: Art For Earth’s Sake (on eDOZ).
  • Digging into Potential Futures (Futures paper on EDoz)
May 10th
  • Critique of Assignment #4 
  • Handout of Assignment #5: Design for 2032 
May 17th ETH Holiday

May 24th
  • Building Energy Use: Levels of Engagement and Automation [madeira paper; anind's work; etc]
  • The Economics of Environmental Actions [based on Matthews' Lecture. Readings:  WeberBlackhurst]
  • Water, Food, Waste & Energy [Dave Dzombas & etc?] 
May 31st
  • Critique of Assignment #5 / Final Exam? 

Other Possible Topics of Interest
  • Transportation [Ubigreen; etc]